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Shopping with Your Dog Etiquette  

Taking your dog shopping with you - It's a privilege and not a right...
Taking your dog shopping with you, no matter the size of the dog, is a privilege and not a right. Only well-mannered dogs that are supremely groomed should be accompanying you out as a shopping companion. The opportunity to do so is offered solely as a courtesy by the store, its owners and managers.

Not all dogs, even the small purse and pocket pups, are cut our to be shopping companions. Consider your dog's behavior, health and personality before taking them out to accompany you for even the shortest of shopping excursions. If your dog does not know the basics of Sit, Down and Stay, or is impolite towards people, then consider shopping without your canine companion or come back when your dog does know the basics of being a good canine citizen.

Tip for new canine shopping companions...

  • Take your dog for a walk prior to shopping so he doesn't have a need for a bathroom break in or near the store.
  • Shopping can be stressful.
    • Be sure to watch for signs that your dog needs a break.

General Rules for Shopping with your Canine...

  • Please leash your four-legged friend, no matter their size.
    • No extension leashes, ie Flexi-leads.
  • Barking is not welcome.
    • This can frighten other patrons.
  • Keep your dog close so he is not in the path of other shoppers.
    • Unless invited, dogs should not socialize with other shoppers, employees or other dogs.
  • Always bring poop bags and paper towels.
    • In case of bodily accidents, inside or outside, scoop it.
  • Power shopping requires snacks.
    • Since, shopping can go on for hours, make sure your pooch is comfortable.
      • Bring water, a water bowl and appropriate snacks.
  • Reward your dog for appropriate behavior while shopping.
    • Good sit stays and nice walking through a crowd are worthy of a reward.
  • Be prepared to leave if your dog stresses or causes a disturbance.
  • Remember, not everyone will share your enjoyment of your dog's prescence.
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