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General Dog Around Town Etiquette - Be a good, canine citizen
Not everyone loves dogs like you do. Quite often, even people that have dogs, find it inappropriate to have them in public because they feel that dogs are not capable of being good citizens and neighbors. So it is up to each and every one of us that takes our dogs out in public to prove that dogs can be well-behaved.

Dogs with good behavior that are well-groomed and socialized will be noticed when out in public. They can be beneficial to their breed and even you as others will take note. They'll welcome you and your dog into their lives. And, with a little training and thoughtfulness on the part of dog owners, more businesses and public areas will begin to put out the welcome mat for both you and your dog.

Remember good dogs are good citizens.

General Rules for taking your dog around town...

  • Please leash your four-legged friend.
    • No extension leashes, ie Flexi-leads.
  • Dogs without these 4 basic commands should not go out:
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Heel
    • Come
  • Barking is not welcome.
    • This can frighten others.
  • Keep your dog close so he is not in the path of others
    • Unless invited, dogs should not socialize with other people or fellow dogs.
  • Scoop the poop and dispose of properly.
  • Always carry water, a bowl and treats for your dog.
    • Your dog may need it.
  • Consider the weather and temperature.
    • Is it safe for your dog?

While Around Town...


  • Keep your dog on lead.
  • Keep poop bags on you at all times
  • Carry a towel if your dog drools to keep their face clean
  • Give your dog a time out or take them home if they get too unruly

While Around Town...


  • Take a dog out in public that bites or is fearful of strangers
  • Allow your dog greet people without their permission
  • Let your dog sniff or approach another dog
  • Bring your dog to someone's house without permission
  • Let your dog pee on lawns and gardens
  • Ignore your dog's emotional and physical needs while out and about
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